This Project: A Call for the Future


Regardless of the language we speak, the religion we do or don’t follow, the colour of our skin or the place we can or can’t call home, what connects us all?

We all have pasts. We are all living in the present. As this sentence is being written and as you read it, every human alive in this world is growing and moving in a direction: towards the future. This project’s aim is to create awareness that we can all help to change the futures of those who are currently rendered immobile by war, policies and borders. 

Today marks the 30th post published on the A Day in the Life at City Plaza blog.

Over just over 4 weeks 37 people among the 400 living at City Plaza have taken time during their busy and colourful day to day life here to help create this platform. 5 photographers, 7 mothers, 5 fathers, 20 men and 18 women.

The most important idea behind the A Day in the Life at City Plaza project is that it presents portraits of humans with pasts as well as futures. This project says that those who have been forcibly displaced from their countries deserve more recognition than only to be labelled as ‘refugees’ or ‘victims’. It is our responsibility to humanise the people behind the numbers and the headlines.

Through this blog individuals from Syria, Kurdistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Palestine, Italy, Spain, Albania, England, Scotland, France and Greece have shared their thoughts on and love of their home here at City Plaza. Through their words, stories and portraits everyone who has been part of this project so far has been part of creating this diary and documentation of the day to day life of City Plaza Refugee Accommodation and Solidarity Space.

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Portraits taken for the 29 articles published so far for A Day in the Life at City Plaza

After 4 months of living at City Plaza, my 3 words to describe this project:
Solidarity, empowerment, hope

City Plaza is not supported by any government or NGO. It relies entirely on donations. Currently funds are running low. 59,000 refugees are trapped in Greece since the borders to the rest of Europe closed last April. Almost all are living in inhumane conditions of camps and detention centres.

City Plaza sets an example. City Plaza shows that an alternative to the camps and detention centres is possible. City Plaza houses 400 refugees in dignity and safety. City Plaza challenges the policies that dehumanise refugees and ultimately have lead to recent deaths in camps.

If you believe that every human being deserves to live in dignity and that their future must be recognised and supported, please donate as much as you can. Your donation will help. Your donation will make sure that City Plaza stays open as a symbol of hope and as an example that creative and collaborative solutions to the refugee crisis are possible.

Donate now:

One thought on “This Project: A Call for the Future

  1. Thank you for this blog. It’s made me so happy to see some of the faces and read the stories of some of the people I met at City Plaza last summer. The blog has allowed me to share what I learned with friends from all over the world and I hope it’s helped get the word out for fundraising. Much love to you all and I hope to read more in the future until I can return.


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